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Westward To Eleonora

November 14, 2009
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One of the most famous racing schooners of all times was the WESTWARD. Designed by Herreshoff in the US 1910, she gave the German Emperor´s METEOR a very unhappy time during her first magic racing series of that year.  This part I of a schooner-triology also sets some light on  three outstanding characters: WESTWARD´s  owner Mr.  Cochran and her famous captain Charly Barr. The third is Ed Kastelein. Supported by a highly motivated small team he is building a replica of WEST-WARD in our days . Named ELEONORA, the film follows her return from the building sheds to her first races in the Mediterranean.

Worldfest Houston SPECIAL JURY REMI AWARD 2011


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Length of the film 2009

Worldfest Houston SPECIAL JURY REMI AWARD 2011


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