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The Rise of the Classic Yacht

November 14, 2000
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Professor David Ryder-Turner had become not only an expert in the development of yachting in its so called “Golden Age” ranging from the middle of the 19th century to World War II. Rather he seems to be born with a deep understanding and fascination for the aesthetics and craftmanship involved. He was born on the Clyde when those heydays were still going on and he returned there after retiring from his University professor in Australia. 

A sailing enthusiast he started studying yacht-design and building. And it was not long afterwards famous US-yards started to build to his own designs as well.

David seems to be the perfect person for giving an overview of the  development of the yacht as a craft and a cultural achievement, because he can combine his knowledge of what it takes to design, build  and sail these masterpieces with his love for them and his gifted way of pulling the audience into his “lessons”. 

Personally I am very thankful that David made this recording possible giving joy for all enthusiasts.


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Length of the film: 59 minutes

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