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November 14, 1998
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The three-masted schooner „Atlantic“ sailed into the hall of fame in the first official Transatlantic race in 1905. Not only content to be first, she set a still unbeaten record of 12 days, 4 hours from New York to Lizard Point in England. In 1997 it was the big challenge for a fleet of the world’s finest Classic- and Superyachts to beat that record during a new run of that legendary 1905 race. The original race was organized by the German Emperor. His enormous Gold Trophy given to „Atlantic“ turned out to be thinly plated lead, a fake. The new remake of the race was organized by the new York Yacht Club. No fake Gold Cup but a spectacular manifestation of what was seen as the Golden Age of Yachting, of glorious style and endurance. The three-masted schooner „Adix“ – very much alike the „Atlantic“ in appearance – carried the hope to beat that old record for many .……


Worldfest Houston GOLD AWARD 1998


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Length of the film: 52 Minutes

Worldfest Houston GOLD AWARD 1998


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