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The Return of the Lady Anne

November 14, 2000
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In the early nineteen hundreds, the racing of craft built to the new 15-metre rule was a highlight of that Golden Age of Yachting. Nineteen of them had originally hit the start-line, but very few survived. In 1999, the skills and beauty of restoring and racing „The Lady Anne“ reflect the excellence of her designer William Fife as well of a dedicated new owner and a great crew. The sleeping beauty has been kissed awake….by more than one prince….

It is not only „The Lady Anne“ that is preserved. The film is a document about preserving the knowledge and skills of building methods of these powerful thoroughbreds and the skills and art of racing them. After „Tuiga“, „The Lady Anne“ was the second 15-metre restored, followed a few years later by „Marisca“ and „Espania“. All four in a race during the „Voiles des St.Tropez“ marked definitely a highlight of that spectacular event.


Worldfest Houston GOLD SPECIAL JURY AWARD 2000


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Length of the film: 52 minutes

Worldfest Houston GOLD SPECIAL JURY AWARD 2000



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