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Westward and the Legendary ones

November 14, 2012
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This part II continues the story of the most famous racing schooner WESTWARD after her first incredible racing season in 1910 all the way to  WW II. The film´s other track   tells the  magic story of Ed Kastelein and his crew finishing Westward´s replica ELEONORA. The  miracle of seeing the Big-Class returning and racing in our days is  enhanced by statements of Frank Murdoch, who was involved with engineering the J-Class yacht ENDEAVOUR in the 1930s. Further in-sight is given by the other hero of our days, Harry Spencer, who rerigged so many of the old Big-Class.

The film was honored with the WORLDFEST HOUSTON PLATINUM REMI AWARD in 2013


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Length of the film: 44 minutes

Worldfest Houston PLATINUM REMI AWARD 201

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