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December 14, 2003
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Each person who witnessed the departure from the Royal Huisman Shipyard of the newly-built 165´ hull of BORKUMRIFF IV might have had a different perception of this night-time scene, as the transporter barge managed through the first narrow lifting bridge of the canal in Holland. The educated eye could have immediately discerned the historical background to this schooner; for others it was maybe simply a spectacular moment, whilst for some it had the surrealism of a Fellini movie. But for all, there might have been a mystical touch about it, not only reflecting the skills and capabilities of the whole team behind this creation, but also what science describes as the ”phenomenon of resonance”: An unusually knowledgeable owner chooses a legendary yard to build his vision to the specifications defined by an outstanding team of naval architects and interior designer, who speak of their working together as if it were a ”family-business”.

Finally, when sailing into the bay of Gloucester as the yacht follows the tracks of schooner history up the East Coast of the U.S.A., it is as if a magical circle has been completed. It not only continues to fascinate onlookers on shore, but even more for all involved fulfillment is in the air: A spirit has been discovered to be alive, which seems to linger on from the schooner heydays, reflecting the enthusiasm behind BORKUMRIFF IV.

Worldfest Houston GOLD REMI AWARD 2004


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Length of the film : 52 minutes

Award: Worldfest Houston GOLD REMI AWARD 2004

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