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August 31, 2022
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There is this saying about something to be „the salt in the soup“. Salt seems to be an important spice to give food an improving flavour. In many cases it is gained from the sea. Sailors occasionally have salt on their hands and faces, but figuratively, yachting in all its facets is also the salt in their lives. 

The film dives into this world of boats and people, their intentions, their ideas and projects. And it deals with the whole kaleidoscope of vessels offering very different styles and joys. The view ranges from the very simple, almost as a symbol for the word „boat“ representing ones, to the top products of high-tech engineering, from those powered by muscle or sail, from foilers to jet streams.

There are very different worlds that are characterized by a range of examples. All belong to the world of water sports from which „salt“ can be extracted for a joyful and exciting life.

Worldfest Houston PLATINUM REMI AWARD 2021



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Length of the film: 50 minutes

Worldfest Houston PLATINUM REMI AWARD 2021

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