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Nine Eights dancing with Spis

November 14, 1997
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1996 saw the European 8-metre championship being held in Travemünde, Germany. This was the time when the renaissance of the classic yachts really burst onto the yachting scene everywhere. There was a tremendous enthusiasm for these craft and among the metre boat classes, the „8s“ where the first to set a fleet together again – a number that has grown ever since.

The film is anything but a „sports report“ of that series. Rather it is a celebration of the pure visual enjoyment of the aesthetics of these craft racing. It has something of a dance with water and light and at times (sometimes disastrous) it is topped by „dancing with spis“.

The music underlines and draws you into the action, and, as the film ends with a starting sequence, such is the word that you want to jump on board for the next race……


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Length of the film: 29 minutes

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