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August 30, 2022
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The film is a tribute to dragons and all those who are fascinated by them. It is the story of the design by Johan Anker in 1928, its development from a boat for the youth to a sophisticated up-to-date race boat for high end sailors. Actually a development that rescued the attractivity of the calls after the olympic years.

DuringChampionships, trophies and Dragon Gold Cups the camera has witnesed race-series all over the favourite European places from 2007 onward all the way to the 90 years anniversary 2019 in San Remo. Last images were shot during the Dragon Gold Cup 2021 in Marstrand. 

During these events Dragon sailors talk about their motivations, experiences and dedication, their joy, about winning and losing. And what makes the Dragon so special for them. Legendary sailors like Gordon Ingate and Don Street talk about adventures and races and about what keeps their fires burning on over decades, for their liftime. Last not least Vinci Hoesch is one of the connoceurs taking us on board explaining what is going on on deck and „down below“ in what he calls the „engine room“.

Worldfest Houston SPECIAL JURY REMI AWARD 2021



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Length of the film: 90 minutes

Worldfest Houston SPECIAL JURY REMI AWARD 2021

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