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Enchanted by the Dragon

November 14, 1999
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„Some of these yachts are simply pure and perfect“ (Philipe Lechevallier, skipper of Moonbeam). Designed and built by the Scottish Fife-family dynasty during the „Golden Age“ of yachting nearly 100 years ago, they are still considered to be the most beautiful yachts ever produced.

This film is a historic document recording the story of these sailing masterpieces. A story of rebirth cumulating during the event of the first „Fife-Regatta“ at the Clyde in 1998. It is the story of painstaking restoration of these elegant vessels by people committed to hold on to those values of the „Golden Age“. Yachts like „Altair“, „Kentra“and „Mariquita“: immaculate beauty, powerful speed and strong seaworthiness.


Worldfest Flagstaff GOLD SPECIAL JURY AWARD 1999


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Length of the film: 45 minutes

Worldfest Flagstaff GOLD SPECIAL JURY AWARD 1999


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