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10 Sailors, Classics & The Wallygator

Sailors, Classics & The Wallygator

This film is simply put an ode about “a matter of beauty“, the big classic mediterranean racing scene. The film material was collected during the high time days of „La Nioulargue“ in St.Tropez and „Regatte Royal“ in Cannes from 1992 to 1995. The style of the film was very unique in those days: generally primarily edited to music it lacks any narration. The thread through the film is rather given by the statements of skippers, owners and crews. It is something like a dialogue about perspectives. Sometimes controvers ranging from „real power“ – muscle power – to “pushbutton sailing“ on the modern „Wallygator“. Last but not least, above all, this filmic collage breathes very much the uniting spirit of enthusiasm and excitement of these legendary „La Nioulargue“ events during those years.

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