Tom Nitsch Images


In 2013 the Silver manufacturer Robbe & Berking started running special collaborative image-campaigns. The first of this kind was to fully equip a BMW car with silver accessories and gadgets whererever it was suitable. This one of a kind special edition car was then presented to the public during a promotion party in Robbe & Berking’s halls in Flensburg.
Continuing the idea adding silver craftsmanship to other high quality products the next campaign became creating a silver edition of a grand piano. The renowned piano manufacturer C.Bechstein was won for this enterprise. Throught out 2014 we followed the production of the silver fittings for the piano in Flensburg as well as when installing them by the Bechstein company down in Seifhennersdorf. Documenting this creation with the camera let us be witness to the extraordinary craftsmanship of these two companies coming in sync and it was an honor to watch all these highly talented craftsman working towards a common goal.
Finally the first concert on that Slver-Edition Bechstein was held right in the middle of one of Robbe & Berking’s production halls, with the singer Anna Depenbush performing. All happened right in the middle between the machinery of that hall. A great atmosphere created by the location as well as the audience formed by the workforce of Robbe&Berking . This first concert was followed by a number of similar ones in all the Robbe & Berking branches all over Germany.
The conception and narration was written by me. My special team was formed by Marc Lorat, Barbara Ludwig, Ric Nitsch, Michael Felgendreher, Angelika Berger and Yeganeh Pashai.

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