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    La Nioulargue (1993)

    After many years of camera work, mostly for commercials or industry film, “La Nioulargue” was the first own documentary in 1991. Subject was the incredible renaissance of the Classic Yachts, the return of high cultural values created by very talented naval architects and fantastic craftsmen. And it was shot in St.Tropez – in its liveliness another reason of interest. Yet German TV stations told me it is a subject that nobody is interested in it. Despite we have quite a sailing community in Germany, despite public TV stations  are also obliged to create a program for minorities.

    I wanted to know how it is seen by international film-eyes. So I sent it in to  Worldfest Houston and visited it personally in April 1993. Some days of excitement, culminating in the Awards Giving Gala Night. The way it developed for me is a story in it’s own. Certainly I was more than happy to receive the “Silver Award”.

    A dream came true. Already when shooting this miracle of cultural return. Plus, Angelika and I could live close by St.Tropez in a cabin of friends directly in the trees on top of the beach. I called it Tarzan’s terrace. Cloud 9 – like the “Ultralight & The Anima” – a photograph  I was able to take on the Gulf of St.Tropez….

    015 La Nioulargue

    Sailors, Classics and the Wallygator (1996)

    After my first film  about the renaissance of the classic yachts „LA NIOULARGUE“, shot in 1991, I continued to film during the race weeks in St.Tropez. 1992 it was very difficult to get on board of any yachts, but 1993 to 1995 it was a different story. Somehow I had become part of the scenery, also very much by the support of Peter König and Peter Wood. Fantastic years and somehow it was „LA NOIULARGUE“ at its best. The air was absolutely filled with electricity, excitement and enthusiasm. Schooner „Altair“ and the ketch „Thendara“ had great regattas, and the mood on „America“ or „Moonbeam III“ was simply exuberant! Plus the contrast to the brand new „Wallygator“ could not have been more exciting.

    I edited the film late in the year of 1995. First time on a computer, a revolution in those days. My idea of creating an unusual film that lives only by the statements of skippers, crews and owners and long passages edited to music was very much supported by this new technic.

    „SAILORS, CLASSICS AND THE WALLYGATOR“ turned out to feel as a personal big success! It could not have been better to pull one into that scenery. Despite public TV’s representatives told me, you can’t make a film like that without narration. 1996 I flew again to Houston to the „Worldfest“. The film received „Gold“! I remember an hour in the hotel’s garden after the Awards Gala Dinner late at night. I looked at the glittering lights of the enormous Houston area and I felt like being on top of the world.

    025 Sailors, Classics..

    Atlantic Challenge (1998)

    It was a challenge on more than one level. First of all it was the remake of the first Transatlantic race of 1905. After a dramatic race the threemasted Schooner „ATLANTIC“ won that race in record time unbroken since then. In 1997 very prominent names of classic yachts raced again from New York to Lizzard Point in England, exactly under the same conditions of the original race. And drama happened again. I was on board the schooner „AELLO“. We had a broken topmast and finally also a broken bowsprit. 

    Besides the drama the scenery of sailors formed a sort of „family“. Many of them knew each other very well from all of the classic yacht events of those days. Excitement filled the air also before in NY and after the race in Falmouth. Great guys and girls, friendships – for most of us  something very special und unforgettable had happened  – first or last, it definitely was second to camaraderie.

    Assistant in the US before the start was ben Andersch. As well after reaching Falmouth when he and my friend Michael Felgendreher shot the arrival of the yachts at Lizzard Point.

    The second time „Gold“ in Houston: a fantastic final point of that adventure!

    045 Atlantic Challenge

    Tracks of Borkumriff IV (2004)

    tracks text

    105 Tracks Of Borkumriff IV

    Seven Movements (2007)

    seven text

    145 Seven Movements

    Beyond the Golden Age (2003)

    beyond text

    085 Beyond The Golden Age

    The Creation of Alithia (2004)

    alithia text

    115 The Creation Of Alithia

    The International Rule (2007)

    international text

    165 The International Rule

    Striking the Balance (2011)

    striking text

    195 Striking The Balance

    Westward and the Legendary Ones (2013)

    westward text

    215 Westward & The Legendary Ones

    Teachings (2020)

    teachings text

    255 Teachings

    Enchanted By The Dragon (1999)

    enchanted text

    055 Enchanted By The Dragon

    The Return of the Lady Anne (2001)

    return text

    065 The Return of The Lady Anne,new

    Westward To Eleonora (2011)

    westward text

    205 Westward To Eleonora

    May the Force Be With You (2014)

    may text

    218 May The Force Be With You

    The Skerry Cruisers (2017)

    skerry text

    225 The Skerry Cruiser

    The Joy of Yachting (2015)

    joy text

    235 The Joy Of Yachting

    The Colours of Yachting (2016)

    colours text

    240 The Colors Of Yachting

    C. Bechstein Resonances (2018)

    resonances text

    250 C. Bechstein Resonances

    Athena - The Return of Grandeur (2007)

    Athena Text

    Slip The Lines (2018)

    in 2018 “SLIP THE LINES” received the GRAND REMI AWARD. This award is the highest you can get as the “Best of Show” in the Film & Video Production Competition. The best productions of all the different subcategories selected by the jury comped here. Only one can receive the “GRAND REMI AWARD”.

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